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Meet Dávid Borovnyák, Deputy Production Manager at Göteborgs Food

If you have not had the pleasure already it's about time you get to know Dávid Borovnyák, Deputy Production Manager at Göteborgs Food! In this short interview, Dávid shares the key aspects of his role, the excitement and challenges of operating in an ever-evolving industry, and fostering strong team spirit among our production teams.

Dávids journey at Göteborgs Food began in 2017, starting out in the lab, as a Product Developer. However, he would soon realise his true passion lay elsewhere.

After two and a half years in the R&D, I had learned a lot about our production processes, and realised this was the direction I actually wanted to pursue. I was promoted to Deputy Production Manager in 2020, and simultaneously finished my Master’s Degree in Food Safety and Quality Food Engineering.

I find having experience within both R&D, Quality and Production is very helpful in my position, as these areas are closely intertwined in our daily operations.

A day in the life of a Deputy Production Manager means juggling a variety of tasks. For Dávid, the charm lies in the unpredictability...

As Deputy Production Manager, I am responsible for production planning of incoming orders, keeping track of raw material stock, personnel planning, and collaboration with departments such as Quality, R&D, Invoicing, HR, and Technical to ensure operational efficiency.

The best part of my job is that no day is like the one before. To keep up with market trends, we are constantly developing new products and adapting the production to meet new demands. I enjoy being in a position where I get to see the many small pieces fall into place, resulting in a complex picture.

…and in the chocolate!

Secondly, I am a true chocolate lover so being in the presence of our chocolates everyday is a big plus..! I am also curious and people-oriented, and really enjoy visiting our customers, and getting to see how they use our products to create their end-product. It’s always sort of a “full circle” moment!

But managing a production is not always easy.

I think that growth always comes with its challenges. Maintaining the delicate balance between quantity and quality is crucial as you expand. A good example might be the increasing demand for “special products”, such as dairy-free, with sweetener, or added protein. These products require a lot of special attention; careful cleaning to prevent contamination, prolonged refining time, etc. Efficient planning become crucial to uphold productivity. 

Thankfully, Dávid does not face his challenges alone.

In spite of the fact that we have grown into quite a big company, there is still a strong sense of a family in our company. We have a strong core staff, who have been working 10+ years in the company. In the office, as well as in production. I think this contributes to us being a very strong team. We care about each other, and enjoy working together. 

When asked about how he motivates his teams, Dávid says:

Of course, favorable salary and good employment conditions are key to keep and attract team members. Apart from that though, I think it is important to involve everyone in the company vision, and make sure they feel they are a valued part. For example involving shift leaders and employees in operational topics and seeking their opinions. Our production teams know our production well and their input is very valuable.

During the past six years, Dávid has become an invaluable part of Göteborgs Food. When asked about the future, he reflects:

I honestly love my job, and as Göteborgs Food will only continue to grow and expand, I see great opportunities to keep developing my skills and to advance within the company. I have many plans and goals, for both the near and far future!

Thank you Dávid for sharing, and for being part of Göteborgs Food! Who in our team shall we interview next?


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