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The transition to sustainable consumption and production of goods is a necessity to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In line with the UN's 12th global goal of sustainable consumption and production we work continuously for efficient resource use and reduced climate impact.

Our production

Our modern factory is designed for efficient and minimized water and energy consumption. From property lighting that is controlled by motion detectors, to the heat generated in our refrigeration systems being reused to heat the property. Our property is also equipped with closed cooling water systems that minimize water consumption and a sophisticated treatment system with grease traps that completely stop polluting waste and chemicals from being discharged through our sewage systems.

Palm oil

In recent years, our product development team has worked hard to find well-functioning fat alternatives to palm kernel oil - in many cases with good results. Nevertheless, for some products, palm oil is still the fat alternative required to achieve the desired texture, taste and shelf life. For these products, the majority of palm oil used in our production is RSPO certified and the demand for the certification continues to increase steadily among our customers.

Are you looking for a palm-free compound or filling? Contact us and we will tell you about our options.

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