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Chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream bars. Overhead view scattered on white marble backgroun

Ice cream coatings

We offer a wide variety of ice cream coatings and are happy to develop tailor-made products to suit your market and application.

When it comes to ice cream coatings, there is very little we can not do. We often produce according to customer-specific recipes, where important parameters such as viscosity is adjusted so that the product works optimally in your particular production. In addition to our cocoa based ice cream coatings, we can produce flavoured and coloured coatings, or only coloured. We use natural colors and flavours.

Do you want to dip your ice cream into a real chocolate? We produce chocolates for ice cream coating too. Read more about our chocolate range here.

Milk chocolate
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Fruit or berries
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Dark Chocolate
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Nut based
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White chocolate
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Untitled design (3)_edited_edited_edited
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Delivery form and packaging

Products for the ice cream industry are delivered in buckets, containers or tankers.

How to use

Heat the ice cream coating until the fat is fully melted and then dip the ice cream into the mixture. The dipping mass solidifies quickly in contact with the cold ice cream and is thus fully crystallized and solid when the ice cream is packaged. ​

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