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Compound coatings

Our compounds are used for applications such as coating, dipping, moulding and decoration. The most popular product category among our customers are our cocoa-based compounds, a cheaper and easier alternative to chocolate. Unlike chocolate, the compound doesn't requires chocolate tempering - simply melt and use.

We know that our customers have different needs and we often produce compounds according to the customer's recipe. Our high-quality compound chocolates have a melting and taste that is difficult to distinguish from real chocolate. If price is the most important factor, we have good alternatives for you as well.  

Standard products

Milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate


White chocolate



Fruit or berries

Sugar free

Protein enriched

Delivery form & packaging

How to use


Compound chocolate

We produce cocoa-based compounds for all types of applications in confectionery, bakery and ice cream industry.


Our highest quality compounds have a melt and taste that is difficult to distinguish from real chocolate. Meanwhile, our conventional compounds are also very competitive on the market.

brown and white round fruit on green lea
Image by American Heritage Chocolate
Chocolate truffle_edited_edited.jpg

Do you have an idea?

Our R&D team is happy to work with you to find solutions to your product challenges. 

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